Admotion is a technology company specialized in the development of online advertising solutions

Who we are

With vast experience on Rich Media, we were rapidly positioned as leaders on the RM serving field. We have developed special and unique formats to match the specificity of our clients: agencies, advertisers and publishers. Our brand new technology, Admotion For Agencies (AFA), is a global solution for planning, management, delivery and reporting of TV and online digital campaigns.

Our policy

Admotion is a company with a leading role in the international field since 2002, providing global solutions for online advertising through design and development, instalment, after-sales service and commercialization of software solutions. APN came up as a performance media initiative, based on agreements with numerous inventory sources, thanks to which it commercializes online advertising spaces and provides after-sales service.

Leaning on our experience, we’re engaged to fulfil all applicable requirements, focused on our processes continuous improvement to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Where we are

Headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, our network of offices spreads across all major markets worldwide. We have offices in 17 locations around the globe including: Auckland, Buenos Aires, Florida, Hamburg, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, Shanghai, Sydney, Tel Aviv, and more.

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